Beyond Tomorrow

The Township must focus on continuing to improve fiscal discipline. Tax increases have now slowed. A proper financial system is now implemented at the Township level. Next steps: A serious review of all spending and services. Given the recent changes to the Federal tax code, many of our residents will be facing increased tax burdens in 2018 and beyond. Sam and Gary propose to re-examine each line item and service across the Township and consider all options to re-structure the costs of the Township while maintaining credible services.

Tactics: Return on investment analysis for each and every expense; Determination of best practices by investigating what other townships and counties do – both local and regional; Fiscal workshops, open to the community, to share and discuss findings during the process ensuring all voices and stakeholders have an equal say; Review of Township debt and payment schedules – an eye towards consolidation and reduction in interest payments if possible.

Under the leadership of Sam Thompson, Delaware Township’s financial health has improved significantly. Sam has worked with Township committees and officials to increase our surplus  and reduce spending increases.

Since Sam joined Township Committee, the budget surplus has grown steadily.  At the same time, the Township has increased the number of miles of roadway that it maintains each year. Voting for Sam Thompson and Gary Brackenridge ensures better values for our hard-earned tax dollars.

Sam Thompson also worked to lower the growth of Delaware Township’s spending. During the years of 2013 to 2014,** township spending rose by 6.52%, far too high for a local community.  During Sam’s tenure on the Finance Subcommittee, the Township cut its spending increase from 2016 to 2017** down to 1.58%.

In 2018, Sam oversaw the first ever update of the Township website. In the process of updating the site, Sam Thompson decreased technological support costs from $4,000 to less than $1500 per year.

Gary Brackenridge has over twenty years of experience in Financial Services and Technology. Gary seeks to bring this unique experience to help Delaware Township further manage our budget and spending.

In the last year, Gary led the creation and implementation of an after school science program at DTS and helped to expand the Summer Rec program by adding an afternoon segment focusing on science and art.

Devoted to the interests of Delaware Township’s financial health, both Sam Thompson and Gary Brackenridge pledge not to take a salary for service.

**NOTE: Final financials for 2018 will not be available until early 2019.  It would be unfair to compare three (3) years of cost increases from the entire 2013 – 2015 term to the two (2) years for which there is data during Sam’s tenure