Protecting Our Land

Gary Brackenridge and Sam Thompson will continue the fight against threats posed by the PennEast Pipeline.

The proposed 105-mile, 30-inch wide PennEast Pipeline crosses the Delaware River and intrudes on the townships of Delaware and nearby Alexandria, Kingwood, Holland and West Amwell.

PennEast’s suggested route runs through vast areas of Delaware Township’s protected land, destroying natural habitats and tainting the pure beauty of this area.

Click here to view Sam Thompson’s letter to the editor regarding the fight against PennEast agents harassing residents.


Gary Brackenridge and Sam Thompson vow to fight against private companies enforcing eminent domain on our land for economic gain. Delaware Township has recently committed to the fight against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s process which favors the pipeline companies. FERC has proven time and time again that they unfairly regulate the transmission of natural gas throughout the state. This campaign has strong viewpoints on the battle against eminent domain.

It is the job of our committee leaders to protect the beauty of our land. By sustaining our successful land preservation programs, they will continue to maintain the natural beauty found within Delaware Township. Gary and Sam will work with local efforts and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation to continue preservation.

Gary Brackenridge and Sam Thompson continue the fight against the PennEast pipeline and the eminent domain process. Come together and support the conservation efforts of Delaware Township.