The Candidates

Sam Thompson has been a Township Committee member since 2016, serving as Mayor this year. He has declined to take any salary for his service.

Under Sam’s leadership as Mayor and on the Finance Committee

  • The Township’s tax increases and spending have slowed since 2016
  • The Township’s budget surplus has grown during this time period

During the last three years, the Township has:

  • re-instituted annual road maintenance
  • upgraded to a new financial system
  • updated the Township website for the first time.

Sam graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in engineering. He is an IT Consultant with experience in the pharmaceutical and financial industries.

Sam has lived in Delaware Township with his family since 1999.

Gary Brackenridge is a local resident of Delaware Township for the past four years. Gary grew up on his family’s 7th generation farm in Missouri, which is still producing beef cattle, wheat, soybeans, corn, sorghum, and fescue.

The farm also fell victim to an unwanted pipeline (Williams) in the early 1980’s. Gary has a very strong point of view on pipeline matters.

Gary is passionate about education. He led the introduction of a successful after school STEM program at DTS. He also helped to extend the Summer Rec Program to a full day, by including a self-funded 1/2 day STEAM program

Gary attended MIT, focusing his studies in finance and economics. After college, he began his career in financial software. He currently serves as a senior executive for Linedata Services, a global software provider.

Gary has four children that attend Delaware Township School. His interests include science projects and engagement for children, family history and genealogy, and plotting adventures with his kids.